How Much Does CoCoonCampus Cost?

Certified Programmes Begin at Rs 350 per month all inclusive. Individual course prices may differ

Does CoCoonCampus teach me the school syllabus? If so, which one?

CoCoonCampus enhances subject learning, and aids in school learning. It also has a number of extra courses including in Coding Using the Arts, Design Thinking and more which are not usually a part of the School Syllabus

Rhapsody and Anil Srinivasan are known for Music. Aren’t there more Music courses?

Artistic creativity through visual art and music remain priorities for Rhapsody and there are many courses on the platform for music appreciation, learning and even live learning. And yes – Anil will teach piano too!

What is Creative Intelligence?

21st century learning and higher education are calling for more creative and alternative approaches to education. Rote learning and the old ways of linear thinking are now outdated, and whether applying into liberal arts colleges or even to engineering colleges that are progressive, students are expected to have versatile skill sets. With increasing pressure for academic performance in school studies, students are facing disparate learning methodology from different instructors for the Arts or other creative pursuits and are not able to find the connections between what they do IN school and what they do OUT of school. Rhapsody CoCoon bridges the gap and acts as a companion to creativity both in and out of school, while also complying with the National Education Policy (NEP 2020) and its guidelines on Art Integration.

Can CoCoon be useful to schools and educators?

YES. CoCoon offers teacher training modules, webinars, contests and showcases for teachers and educators too!

Can CoCoon be useful to parents?

Also a YES. CoCoon offers a special PARENT CORNER for many activities and sessions exclusively for parents.

Does CoCoon carry a certificate that is useful?

CoCoonCampus offers individual course certification as well as modular certification through schools.

My child is already attending music class and other classes.

Why should enrol him/her for this as well?

CoCoonCampus is a bunch of courses, contests and modules made with inputs from children, for children. They combine the best of the creative arts with the best of cognitive subject knowledge. It does not contradict specialized teaching or learning in the arts or in any other discipline.
And best of all, it isn’t that expensive 😊

How do I know more?

Contact : 9003015205 | info@thecocoon.in